3 important questions to ask before marriage

When people are about to get married, most of the couples happen to avoid talking about sensitive topics.

This is because some sensitive topics may lead to one change of mind about going through with the marriage.

However, when these questions and issues are not solved before couples are not yet married, after marriage, the same issues happen to be the main cause for people ending their marriage.

Some of the questions are never asked because they are too awkward or embarrassing to be asked.

Nevertheless, here are 3 questions to be asked and how one should frame them.

1. How about having children? Is the boy willing to take turns for nappy changing?

With most men, changing of baby’s nappies is usually a problem.

For that case, it is important to ask the guy this question in order to set the environment clear of doubts on whether he can or cannot do it

2. Can both partners stand the company of each other parents?

It is important for both partners to affirm on whether they can stand each other’s parent.

This is because most partner always tries hard avoiding their partner’s parents.

3. Will their experiences with the exes dominate their relationship?

If you are planning to have a happy marriage, then this question should be on top of the list.

If maybe your girl has ever been abused by any of her exes, it is important for her to assure the partner that, the experience won’t affect their marriage since women are very delicate.


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