5 Ways To Repel Stress

Stress is a sickness that strikes anyone at any given time. It’s a great equalizer to all that is good in life. Stress can take its form in many different things. It differs for every person. What is stressful for one may not necessarily be stressful for another. The common underlying principles that connect our collective stress is this: Stress arises from our perceived threats to our existence as human beings.

If we see any potentially damaging threats to the harmony of our lives, it can cause us stress. Stress, therefore, is a product of how we perceive our situations and how we react to them. We’re not saying that by the end of this article, you will live a completely stress-free life; that’s impossible.

Stress helps keeps us sane by providing a sense of emotional and physiological balance to our lives. However, what this article aims to do is to help you cope with stressful situations by alleviating its effects on your psyche. If you manage to improve your mental strength by practicing these simple tips, then you’ll end up dealing with stress in a better way.

Remember that stress is a result of how you perceive your situation, so if you manage to gain control of your perceptions, then you can control your stress.

Here are 5 simple ways to repel stress:

  1. Get Comfortable With Saying No To People

Stop saying yes to things that make you uncomfortable. We know that you’re a very nice person who doesn’t want to let other people down but you should understand that it’s okay to be selfish every once in a while. When someone asks you to do something for them, you’re taking on their stresses on their behalf, and you really don’t need it. Yes, it’s good to do favors for people every now and then, but you should only do as much as your body can handle stress-wise. You don’t want to burn yourself out by carrying the burdens that other people should be carrying themselves.

Also understand that time is the most precious and most expensive resource that anyone can get. We are all granted limited time in a day, and we must use it in the most efficient way we can. Make sure you use all of the seconds of your day to accomplish your own tasks first before you consider taking on the tasks of other people. Trust us. No one will think that you’re a bad person just because you’re a little selfish every once in a while.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Get Over Your Fears By Confronting Them

A lot of our stresses arise out of our fears. When we develop our fears, they tend to take control of how we live our lives. Our fears end up dictating how we structure our daily routines out of the intentions to avoid confronting them. Of course, some fear is good. Fear is what keeps us from doing stupid stuff that can get people killed or hurt. But it’s unhealthy to let fear rule how you live over your life. For example, if you’re working a job because you fear you’ll fall under the poverty line as opposed to working a job because you love what you do, you’re putting yourself under a lot of stress. Even if Person A and Person B perform the same job, but have different outlooks on how they approach their work, then one will end up being more stressed than the other. Don’t let fear rule your actions. Take control of your actions to overcome your fear.

  1. Be a Positive Thinker

Stop being the glass half empty kind of guy. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. No one does. Yes, you can be a realist. You don’t have to be a blind optimist, but you should also practice a good balance of positive thinking to balance out your realism. The pessimist lives a life in perpetual stress because everything is in its virtual worst state in his eyes. If you try to adjust your outlook and life and approach your situations in a positive manner, then you’ll instantly relieve yourself a substantial amount of stress.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Get That Body Moving

Exercise is the best possible drug that you can get hooked on. Exercise ignites the endorphins in your body that serve as natural sources of happiness. Not only will you start looking better because of your fit aesthetic, you’ll also start feeling better about yourself. Getting your body active is also a great way of practicing your discipline and work ethic. Get that body moving and start feeling happier instantly! We promise you’ll come out of the gym feeling like a brand new person after a good workout.

  1. Keep the Mind Sharp by Feeding It

Read lots of books. Watch lots of movies. See a local theater production. Visit the museum. Immerse yourself in as much culture as you can. Sharpen your mind and keep it nourished by constantly exposing yourself to new perspectives. The more you sharpen your mind, the more control you can gain over it. The more control you have over your own mind, the better you can manage your perception of stressful situations.


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