3 simple ways to win your mother-in-law’s heart

Most of the time we believe mothers-in-law always have a bad perception of the women who date their sons. This is however not the case as they are just misunderstood.

It’s natural for any woman to inwardly or outwardly express her fear of losing her son to another lady who she hardly knows. What even worries her the most is whether she will still be respected and remain important in her son’s life or not.

To iron out these fears and suspicions, try out these simple ways to quickly develop a strong bond with your man’s mother.

1) Give praises to her son

Instead of constantly complaining about your husband’s frustrating quirks and messy habits, take every chance to tell your mother-in-law what a great guy your husband is. With this, she will be happy to hear that her son is loved and appreciated. Nothing will ever break your bond with her.

2) Go with the flow

The biggest frustration many ladies have with their mothers-in-law is not doing things the way the family does. You are at times tempted to start a revolution when you come into your husband’s family. Instead, try to go with the flow at first. Remember, she must have struggled to establish a family culture and traditions. Therefore, instead of trying to change the status quo, just make an effort to fit into their lives. This will never go unnoticed.

3) Set clear boundaries

At times, your mother-in-law might be interfering with your marital affairs, don’t fear to talk about it since there might arise unnecessary tension between you and her caused by lack of boundaries in the relationship.

Some of the mothers need a little bit of coaching thus it will be much better if you start out by setting the boundaries so that bad behaviours or habits don’t become ingrained.


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