5 benefits of rosemary you probably never knew about

Rosemary is a plant that has got a sweet smell and many people use it as a natural air freshener while others use it as a spice.

It has got thin leaves which also have medicinal value to the body. Rosemary plant has got the following benefits:

1. Hair growth

Rosemary oil is the best when it comes to hair. It helps to get rid of dandruff and heals itchy scalp, enhances hair thickness and makes it grow faster.

2. Good for your brain

This plant is associated with strengthening the brain and improving the cognitive ability. Having a rosemary drink will increase the blood levels hence healthy brain.

3. Reduces stress

Rosemary has an anti-depressant effect on those people with stress. Sniffing the rosemary makes one to feel relieved and free from stress. Better still, you can include the rosemary in your tea by adding some leaves into it.

4. Good for the skin

The anti-aging effect found in the rosemary can make one look young and have a shiny skin. You can boil the rosemary and add it to your bathing water or drink the solution.

5. For weight loss

Are you fighting weight and you are unable to do it? Drinking rosemary tea can help you a great deal in doing it as it helps to burn the fats in your body.


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