3 things you should avoid doing at the start of a relationship

Relationships are usually exciting and intimate, especially at the beginning. Usually, partners try to create a mutual feeling and get to know each other better.

However, for your relationship to continue having the same spark it had at the beginning, here are three things you should never at the start of a relationship.

1. Hiding who you really are

It is common for newly dating couples to hide their dark side of life. Of course, it would be weird for you to show him your faults and mistakes on the first date. However, if you want your relationship to last, be sincere with your man. Time would always show the true colours of whom you really are, never try to put a fake image of yourself.

2. Pushing him away

Most ladies prefer playing hard to get at the beginning of a relationship. This is a bad antic and it might put your relationship on the deathbed. Some guys cannot figure out the difference between playing hard to get, or you are completely not interested. Always show that you love and are interested in having a future with him.

3. Letting your past control you

Do not let the fears of your past get the best of you in a relationship. Terrible experiences of previous relationships with your ex shouldn’t make you feel anxious. Everybody has a past and getting over it would help the current relationship last. Treat him with respect for your relationship to continue sparkling.


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