3 guaranteed actions that annoy your husband

Husbands are very different from single men.

Husbands are expected to act differently because they are not only in a relationship but in marriage.

There are things when done by wife results in making the husband super angry.

Even if something he might choose not to tell you, it is still good for you to note.

Here are things that when done to a husband he is likely to get angry.

1. Posting embarrassing photos of him on social media

It might be cool posting a photo of him indicating that he is the main man.

However, one should always make sure that the photo is worth posting before posting it.

There are some of the embarrassing photos which will make him angry instead of making him love it.

2. Leaving your clothing everywhere

For a guy who is usually organized and like the organized place, is likely to get mad when one drops clothes everywhere carelessly.

This makes him mad because he won’t be comfortable with a disorganized environment.

3. Contradicting him in front of others

A husband will never be always right.

However, when he messes up in front of a company it is usually not ideal for the wife to correct him in the presence of the company.

This is because he will end up feeling ashamed of himself resulting in him getting angry.


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