Want to have a great day, never do this in the morrning

By Hivisasa

A lady pressing the snooze button [Source/thelist.com]

Waking up in the morning comes with great plans of the day. All of us wish to have a blessed, fantastic and a day filled with achievements.

For a great day ahead, never do any of the following acts when you wake up:

a) Pressing the snooze button

When you did set an alarm, you were determined to wake up at that time, do not hit the pause button since you will sleep till it’s late and this will completely distract your plan for the day.

b)Checking your social media pages

Do not check out your Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Email or Twitter account since you will be glued to what happened. Check out your phone once done with your preparations for the day.

c) Never leave your bed unmade

Waking up and leaving your bed unmade shows you are not organized for the day and your day’s productivity will be decreased. Making a bed won’t take much of your time to ensure you make it before going for work.

d) Do not dress in the dark

It is always dark when you wake up early in the morning. It is good to switch on the lights or open the curtains to adjust your body feeling energized and good.

e) Do not forget to stretch out

This helps boost your body’s flexibility building up your confidence.