3 clear signs he is after your body and not in love with you

It is always a wish of every lady to find a man who will love, respect and protect her. However, some men view women as only objects that they use to satisfy their desires.

That kind of a man will never respect a lady and he will not commit himself for the relationship.

Relationship expert Jennifer Lee says most relationships exhibit emotional disconnection when there is no love.

This is by observing these signs;

1. Compliments only your looks

Keep out of the guy who will only state how smartly dressed you are, how you have applied the makeup well or how the hairdresser did the work well. This guy will never compliment you of your kindness, your love towards him, your generosity or your intelligence.

2. Every conversation turns sexual

If a guy is interested in you, sex tends to be his hobby and you’re making it really easy for him to do what he loves. “If he can’t seem to shut up about what he wants to do to you later, he might be putting sex before love when it comes to your relationship,” Lee states.

3. Dates are at all-time at home

A guy who is interested in your body will always opt for your house when your friends are out. He’d rather stay in than go out for the sole guarantee that sexy times will be happening later. You might think that he’s a homebody, but it’s just because he’s planning around sex.

Source: Hivisasa

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