Simple tips for better sleep

Having a good night’s sleep after a tough day at work is as important as a good diet and exercise. Good sleep is important for your health. Research has shown that poor sleep has negative effects on your health and general body functions.

Here are four tips to help you sleep better at night.

1. Avoid taking alcohol

Alcohol will adversely affect your hormones and sleep. Alcohol has been found to cause irregular sleep patterns as it increases your heart rate and anxiety thus keeping you up.

2. Improve your sleeping environment

For better sleep, ensure that your sleeping environment is clean, free from noise and has moderate temperatures. The quieter and cooler you can keep your bedroom, the greater chance you have of calming your mind and falling asleep.

3. Take a warm shower

Ensure you take a relaxing and warm shower before going to bed. A warm bath will help relax your muscles before bed improving your sleep quality. This will help you get more deep sleep.

4. Switch off the lights

When preparing to go to bed, ensure you turn off the lights for a quick sleep. Do not expose yourself to much light before going to bed. This could disrupt your sleeping circles.


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