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Why intelligent people struggle with love

Intelligent people analyse every single thing about their potential partners before deciding whether they will give them a chance or not. [Source/ kamdora.com]

Some smart people view love as unreasonable and nonessential thus making them consider it as outdated.

This, in turn, makes it harder for them to find love.

Here are seven reasons why people with high IQ struggle to find love.

1. They overthink everything

People with high IQ pay close attention to details. They will analyse every single thing about their potential partners before deciding whether they will give them a chance or not.

2. They are comfortable being independent

Generally, they are comfortable being by themselves and don’t see a reason as to why they should add another person in their lives. They are always more careful especially with things that may affect their independence. Even if it is love, they will be ready to give up on it just to secure their independent and peaceful life.

3. They trust their lives more than their heart

Because of their analytical state of mind, smart people love to make decisions based on facts. They make decisions after considering everything logically. This makes them follow their minds and not their hearts.

4. They are more suspicious

Intelligent people are careful about selecting the kind of friends or partners they want to be with. Sometimes being too careful closes the door on love. When choosing a partner, intelligent people tend to focus more on the negative side more than the positive side of that particular person. If they don’t like certain attributes, they won’t give the person a chance.

5. They prioritise their goals in life

Intelligent people are always focused on achieving their goals more than anything else, thus making them have less time for relationships. They have a written structure of their lives, goals and ambitions and they have a specific and limited time to achieve them. Those in relationships often tend to ignore their partners.

6. They have high standards

They always want their lives to be perfect and never want anything that can lower their standards. In their mind, they have an idea of the type of person they want to be with and have no time to date different people with the hopes of getting the right person. They always have their own life specifications.

7. They are guarded

These type of people have a hard time opening up to others. Some have trust issues and end up building a wall around their lives so that no one can reach them. The moment you try to break the wall as their friends, they will walk away from you. They find it hard to share their secrets with others because they don’t easily trust people.


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