Signs of fake love in a relationship

Everyone wishes to have real love in their relationship. A relationship that does not have space for one’s personal growth is anchored in fake love.

Here are signs of fake love in a relationship.

1. Poor communication

If your partner has a tendency of waiting for you to start or initiate the conversation, the relationship is bound to fail. If your calls and messages can go without a response for a long time, then you are in the wrong relationship. Couples who are in love make an effort of knowing how their partners are fairing on.

2. No trust

True love always entails trust. If you are always suspicious of your partner, this will result in issues in the relationship. If your thoughts towards each other are all negative, then this is an indication of fake love.

3. Lack of patience

True love gives you space to be who you want to be. Fake love does not wait, it is impatient and does not allow development and personal growth of the involved parties.

4. Consistent arguments

A relationship where the involved parties are always arguing over different matters without a clear solution is an indication of fake love. A small mistake always appears to be big and this brings about arguments.


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