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3 Best tips to help you abstain successfully

A happy couple. Be transparent about your feelings to your partner [Source/ceesodope.com]

Abstaining is where you control yourself in participating or enjoying something. This mostly is used to refer to engaging in sexual activities.

Abstinence gives you the power to control your feelings towards getting intimate.

Those in relationships can choose to abstain as well as those who are single and wishes to first plan on their future. For great success to abstain, these tips will help:

1. Say it out and discuss with your partner

Make sure before you decide for the idea your significant other knows. You can also discuss it as a couple.

Be transparent and honest about your feelings and this will help to commit till you get married.

2. Be firm to your decision

Try your level best to commit to your decision to abstain even to the difficult situations.

In case you feel its time to end the decision, remind yourself of the reasons that made you decide the plan at first and strongly decline to go against your decision.

3. Set up your boundaries

If you are abstaining till marriage, ensure you set out what could lead you to break your plans.

Avoid viewing materials that can awaken your lust and desires. Reduce the cuddling patterns with your partner to prevent failing to honour the deal.


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