Signs a guy wants you to chase him

Everyone wishes to feel wanted. Men are known to initiate a conversation or even a relationship. He would bring you flowers, chocolate or love cards to win you into a relationship.

Although it does not matter who chases who provided there is a feeling of love involved, some men behave in a way that women will have to chase them.

These signs are a man want you to chase him;

1. He’s hard to get but jealous on noticing other men trail you

A guy who will be hard to get will have a good time with you but suddenly leave without expressing himself. However, he will get jealous of knowing that there are other men who are after you. The guy wants you to chase him.

2. He likes you but he’s afraid to say it out

A guy who will clearly show interest in you but will be afraid of admitting this in your presence definitely wants you to go after him.

3. His communication will be on and off

A guy who wants you to chase him will call or text as he wishes. He will take time to respond to your calls or messages. This means he wants you to get back to him.


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