3 signs you’re dating a guy who had a toxic ex

Emotional wounds usually take time to heal and even after a guy breaks up with someone toxic, the emotional damage can sometimes impact his new relationship.

Here are three signs you are dating a guy who had a toxic ex.

1. He always apologises for everything

In his previous relationship, his partner constantly blamed him for being the cause of fights and arguments. She made him feel that he was always wrong and was responsible for their breakup. This will make him apologise for everything because he always feels guilty.

2. He becomes overly insecure

He is always afraid that he is going to lose you just like his previous relationship. He fears how you will react to his actions and even words. This is because his previous ex made him feel that he does deserve anyone that treats him nicely and wasn’t meant to be loved.

3. He is afraid to show his true self

His previous partner made him think his personality killed the relationship. This had an effect on his self-esteem and will take time for him to reveal his true self. He fears that you will react the same way as his ex if he reveals his true self. However, as he gets to know you better, he will become comfortable being who he is.

Source: Hivisasa

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