5 things you should quit to live longer

How much and long we live depends on what we eat and things we generally do. As a matter of fact, we shorten our lives by keeping up with certain things.

Do you need to live longer? Here are some of the things you need to quit;

1. Short or too much sleep

Enough sleep is good for your health, and for a longer life for that matter. Sleeping for at least 8 hours is advisable. On the contrary, sleeping for over 9 hours is unhealthy for you. Enough sleep enables the body to revive its process after long hours of activity.

Therefore, less sleep is dangerous, leave alone a sleepy driver.

2. Consistent stress

Stress is dangerous and can actually shorten your life. Heart complications like heart attack are mostly attributed to stress meaning stress can kill you any time.

Why won’t you go for some workout, listen to some music or write some pieces of articles to scare stress away?

3. Smoking and drinking

No much explanation is needed here. Smoking and alcohol intake are detrimental to your health.

Alcohol is known to increase blood pressure which is a threat to one’s life. Smoking on the other side is a major cause of lung diseases.

4. Staying inactive

The body needs some exercise to stay healthy. Vital organs in the body like the heart can only be taken care of by frequently exercising.

Do not let your body lie dormant for months or even years as this could open doors for various ailments.

5. Eating processed foods

Processed foods come with a lot of health hazards. Most of the ingredients of these foods are dangerous to one’s health. They contain added sugars, fats and lack fibre which means they could cause diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.


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