Signs you’ve stopped growing as a leader

A lot of sacrifice and determination is required in leadership. If a leader stops growing, his or her team members will also remain stagnant.

Most leaders do not realise they have stopped growing until they discover there is no change in their team. A good and vibrant leader keeps everything fresh and lively. A good leader brings out the success in what the team is determined to achieve.

He/she is responsible for helping the team tackle any challenges that may arise.

Here are signs you are not growing as a leader.

A leader who has stopped growing will spend most of their time hanging around with people who are like them. If you always hang out with your team, they will not recognise you as a leader and over time they will start looking down on your leadership.

Maintain boundaries with your team members. A good leader surrounds themselves with people who will challenge them as well as their leadership skills.

If you have stopped trying out new ideas, venturing into new fields or making new friends who are above your league in terms of experience, you are not growing as a leader. Challenge yourself to take more risks.

Leaders who wish to be at their best, try out new ideas that help them to acquire knowledge and expose them to new life situations. Do not spend your all time doing what you like, venture into difficult tasks that will make you think more and push you to emerge as a winner.


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