Different types of medication that could cause liver cancer

The liver is an important organ in a human beings body and is known for playing a number of roles including producing bile, purging toxins, storing and metabolizing nutrients.

Therefore, whatever you eat, drink or take, will always a positive or negative effect on your overall health.

There are a number of vices that negatively affect the liver. Further, there are certain medications that can ravage your liver.

According to Minesh Khatri, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University dealing with nephrology and internal medicine, here are the drugs that can pose more risks to your liver.

1. OTC pain relievers

They are meant to edge off some pain in the body. Nevertheless, they come with numerous side effects. One amongst the effects is that they wreck the liver by interfering with its primary roles in the body.

The drugs are said to cause toxic liver disease which in dire cases, causes death.

The common OTC drugs that you need to limit their intake include aspirins, naproxens, acetaminophen among others.

2. Prescription drugs

A number of them have been linked to various liver diseases. They stress the liver by subjecting it to overwork when purging toxins.

3. Chemotherapy

This treatment can also cause more harm than the good to the liver. Although it may be helpful in stopping the pain, it is dangerous to your liver.


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