How to love a woman who has been hurt

1. Listen to understand her, not to judge her. Already the world is hostile towards her.

2. Counter the negative words she speaks to herself, teach her to unlearn negativity.

3. Know her needs and pray for her in her presence. You need God to walk with her.

4. Do not repeat the things her ex did. Be different.

5. Expect her to run or to threaten to run due to her past insecurities. Fight for her, she is looking for someone consistent.

6. Make her laugh and smile. Be easy to talk to. Don’t always talk about the heavy stuff that weighs her down. Expose her to bright conversations.

7. Expect her to doubt you especially when things get tough. Prove to her you are here to stay.

8. Find out her dreams and get her to believe in them again. Sometimes all she needs is a cheerleader.

9. Show her that you see her for more than her sexiness. See her spirit, her soul, her heart, her mind.

10. Remind her that she is a Queen. Get her to see her greatness, especially when she puts herself down.

11. Protect her from her past, present and future enemies.

12. Be patient with her, it will take her some time to heal and let go of past mindsets.

13. Do not be condescending or speak in a manner that suggests you are tired of her.

14. Correct her with love. She will appreciate when she knows you have her best interest at heart.

15. Work on your healing too or your wounded heart will make you hurt her. Hurt men are destructive to hurting women.

16. Allow her to be there for you. This will make her feel needed and awaken confidence in her. When a woman is allowed by a man to love him she heals faster and manifests her power.


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