3 reasons why women wear ankle bracelets

The anklet is an ornament that is worn by women around the ankle.

Ankle bracelets are worn by some Kenyan communities like the Maasai and the Kalenjins as part of their tradition.

However, some ladies in modern society put on this ornament without really knowing the meaning behind it.

Here are some of the reasons why women put on ankle bracelets.

1. For beauty

Most ornaments like the necklaces are worn for beauty purposes. The same case applies to the ankle bracelet. Most ladies put on this ornament only for beauty purposes. It can be best worn with a mini dress, mini skirt or shorts.

2. Marital status

In some cultures for example among the Indians, ankle bracelets are worn by ladies to indicate their marital status. Only married women used to don this ornament as it ensured other members of the community treat them with respect.

3. Signify social status

In ancient Egypt, women used to wear ankle bracelets just to show off their wealth. A woman who would be spotted wearing an expensive anklet was believed to belong to a certain status in the society. However, women nowadays rarely don this ornament for this reason.


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