Mind games women play on men

Women expose men to mind games as men also do to women as a way of testing the suitability of a man if he fits to be a good and reliable partner.

Once you realize she is playing games on you, she is weighing out to see whether you will take care of her before she commits her life to you.

Some of these games are;

  1. Delaying to respond to your calls or texts

Women will stay cool of responding to your calls or texts. This does not mean she isn’t interested in you. She is eagerly checking on your patience and  persistence towards her,

  1. The bait game

Women will turn to their men for compliments about how they look or how well they performed in a certain task. Be sure she will light off once you go against the wishes she was waiting for. To avoid drama, tell how beautiful she is and she will be fit to go.

  1. Playing hard to get

A woman will act as though she is undecided to move in with you or not. But mostly she sends signals of being interested in you but once you get back to her she pulls back. The woman wants to know whether you are worthy of taking a risk for.

  1. The ‘we need to talk’ game

Women will request your attention when you seem busy or tired. They will pop up the statement, ‘we need to talk’ especially when you could be watching that favourite soap. She only wishes to know where your priorities lie and if you truly wish to listen to what she wants to say.


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