3 ways to avoid getting played

We all wish to be in a relationship with a faithful partner. Some of us are tired of investing their time and resources in the wrong partner only to end up being frustrated and heartbroken.

Here are three ways to avoid getting played by your partner.

  1. Make sure they include you in most aspects of their lives

Take note of whether your partner is excited to have you in their life by introducing you to their family members, friends and even to their workmates. This shows they are ready and willing to be in a long-term relationship with you.

  1. Advocate for yourself

Do not give in to a partner who will get defensive or dismiss your feelings whenever you express yourself. A partner who is willing to be in a committed relationship with you will up to their own mistakes and give you space to express yourself without dismissing your opinions or feelings.

  1. Avoid going for a person with low self-esteem

You should completely avoid someone who doesn’t love themselves or a partner who looks down upon themselves most of the times. There is no way the person will stand to encourage and support you when he/she feels unworthy. Choose someone with high esteem who will challenge you to try new things and be a better version of yourself.


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