Signs he’s keeping your relationship a secret

Is he trying to keep what you have a secret without your knowledge?

There are a number of men who actually keep their partner a secret due to different reasons.

The worst thing is that, men who keep their relationship a secret do it well in a way that their significant other doesn’t get to know.

However, below are signs for any woman to use when it comes to identifying a man who is keeping them secret.

1. He always avoids taking a selfie with you

As a couple, it is normal for both partners to take selfies and photo together.

However, in the case of a guy who is trying to keep things low, he will always avoid taking a selfie with despite you begging him.

2. You haven’t met his family

When a guy is serious about you, the first thing for him to do is introducing you to any of his family members.

But when it happens that he has never introduced you to any of his family members that clearly proves that he is trying to keep your secret.

3. You’re not Facebook official

When people are dating even if you are not that active on Facebook, it is always good to still indicate that you are in a relationship so that the world can know that you are already taken.

But with men who keep their relationship a secret, they will probably maintain that they are single since they don’t want the world to know.

Source: Hivisasa

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