Cancers that are hard to detect at early stages

Ovarian cancer is among the cancers that are hard to detect. [Source/]

Cancers are highly curable at early stages. However, a number of them can not be detected and identified at early stages because their symptoms don’t manifest themselves.

Here is the list of cancers that are not easy to detect;

1. Ovarian cancer

The disease is normally diagnosed after it has fully developed. It is usually hard to tell when suffering from this cancer because their symptoms appear after the tumours have grown.

“This is mainly because of the size and distensibility of the abdominal cavity and the fact that there are no symptoms from small, early-stage ovarian cancer,” says Joe O’Connell, MD, vice president of oncology and haematology at in Ventiv Health.

2. Sarcoma

According to Dr Faries, the reason why this cancer is hard to detect is; it is connected to the body surface and doesn’t produce blood markers that can be used to test cancer.

“Because they’re not connected to the surface in most cases, sarcoma tumours can get quite large before they become symptomatic,” explains Dr Faries.

“They also don’t produce blood markers that can be detected and are generally uncommon with no high-risk populations, making them not ideal for screening,” he added.

3. Liver cancer

It accounts for most deaths in old men. The cancer can also be hard to recognise.

“If the tumour is small, it’s especially hard to detect on a physical exam because most of the organ is covered by the right rib cage,” explains Dr Fikry.