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How you should clean your smartphone

To clean your smartphone, avoid pressing hard especially on the screen. [Source/thespruce.com]

Most of us do not know that smartphones are quite dirty and maintaining them is not limited to the deleting of unnecessary files or running system maintenance.

It is important to maintain the physical care of the smartphone to ensure the device runs efficiently.

Here are tips for properly cleaning your smartphones;

1. Turn the smartphone off.

Although this is not so compulsory, it will truly help you in seeing the dirt more easily on the screen side of your phone.

2. Wipe the screen with a soft cloth.

Do not press hard on the screen but on the other part, you can apply some gentle pressure. This helps in getting away the dirt and dust trapped for some time on your phone. If dry cloth does not work well, you can use a wet one with very little water on. For the screen, it is safe to wipe across because it weeps any dirt on the screen.

3. For the phone’s attachment ports, camera lens or buttons with dirt or dust, you can use a dry cotton or wooden toothpick that will completely remove the build-up making them clean and efficient for smooth functioning. Ensure you wipe down the dirt till the areas are clean.

Source: Hivisasa

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