Things we do daily that cause cancer

Phones can cause brain cancer. [Source/]

Cancer is the most deadly disease in the world today. There are a variety of cancer that affect different parts of the body like breast cancer and cervical cancer which are common to women, brain cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer which is commonly known as leukemia and lung cancer.

These types of cancer are mainly caused by the daily activities we perform.

Here are some of the activities and things we do that can cause cancer;

Processed foods

Most foods that are processed are so dangerous to the human body. For instance, charred and processed meat. Meat that is cooked in so high temperatures can be so dangerous. This is because it causes changes in DNA hence increased chances of cancer.

Electronic devices

Talking of electronic devices, cell phones are the ones talked about. The cell phones emit radiofrequency, the type of energy that affects the brain causing a tumour in the brain. The formation of this tumour can lead to brain cancer.

Nail painting

Some nail paints contain chemicals like triphenyl phosphate and dibutyl phthalate that are so harmful to your health. These chemicals affect both the client and the person doing it. The more the salonist is exposed to the chemicals the more the risks of being affected.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are said to have a high risk of cancer. They are made up of styrene which is harmful when hot meals are served in them.

Source: Hivisasa