3 things to never say to your spouse during a fight

Fights are an inevitable part of a relationship. However, you can avoid hurting your partner if you avoid uttering certain words during these fights. Here are a few things you should never say to your partner during fight;

1. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter”

These words are a clear show you are trying to escape the argument which is not healthy. If it doesn’t matter, how come it sparked a fight between the two of you?

Saying these words will only solve the problem at that moment meaning it will arise later in the relationship. If that thing bothers the both of you, the best decision to make is resolve it. Saying it doesn’t matter will only cause you more damage in the future.

2. “You are such a ………” (Name calling)

You won’t know how much damage you have cost by abusing your partner until the fight is over.

Calling each other nasty names is not encouraged as this would make your spouse feel more unappreciated. Additionally, it might escalate the fight to whole different level.

3. “I’m done”

Saying you’re done with the relationship during fights will mess up everything including the trust your spouse had for you and the relationship. Most people often use these words and later come to regret after the fight is over.

Understand that anger makes you dare to say big words that you can’t think of saying in your normal state. When such words come into your mind during a fight, the best thing to do is step back and take a breather.

Source: Hivisasa

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