3 ways to handle conflict with your neighbour

We all have different types of people as neighbours. Most of the times these people do not make the great neighbours we wish for though this is because no one really chooses who should be his/her neighbour.

Making peace with your neighbour is not that hard, it can be easy and drama free.

This can be achieved by following these simple tips.

1. Communicate directly and politely

Ensure you lend an ear to your neighbour. Talk to them politely, with a calm voice and with respect. Some could be doing something yet they are not aware it bothers you. Listen to each others point of view and avoid using accusatory words. This might hurt them more and cause them to become more defensive, making it difficult to solve issues amicably.

2. Take your time and get a resolution

When you find yourself in a conflict with your neighbour, do not go confronting them without proposing a way to end the conflict. It is important to take your time to cool down as you look for a solution. Ensure you work together with your neighbour to get peace and avoid such situations in future.

3. Seek the help of a third party

If you are unable to solve the dispute you have with your neighbour, you can opt for someone else to help the two of you in getting a solution. This could be the landlord or another neighbour who will have a neutral approach towards solving the problem.


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