Two types of cancers prevented by eating apples

Eating apples can keep the doctor away. Studies have made it clear that apples are instrumental when it comes to fending off cancer.

The fruit has numerous antioxidants that were found to have the capacity of preventing DNA damage resulting from tumours.

The first antioxidant that was discovered from it is procyanidins. They have a vital role which encapsulates the genetic materials against damage and tumours that result from the inorganic foods and overexposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

It was also established that procyanidins can purge inflammations that are major risk factors of cancer formation.

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Quercetin is another antioxidant that has the potential to not only suppress cancerous cells but also prevent it. This was after conducting a preclinical test on mice that were injected with cancerous cells.

Vitamin C was discovered in apples. It is known for various functions in the body. Besides, it has the ability to inhibit the formation of tumours.

The type of cancers that can be warded off by regular consumption of apples are colon and lung cancer.

“Regular consumption of one or more apples a day may reduce the risk for lung and colon cancer by altering the metabolism of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory mechanisms, normal cell death (apoptosis) promotion and by influencing epigenetic (gene influencing) events and innate immunity,” noted Cornell University Researchers as quoted on HuffPost.


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