Three things you should never do after an interview

Never change your salary expectations after an interview. [Source/]

Attending an interview is one of the toughest parts in any job application process. It is often more difficult to prepare and can also be filled with anxiety.

Taking most of your time to prepare for an interview and later fail to get the job is a heartbreaking experience. Although you might have impressed the interviewers during the interview, there are things you ought to avoid once you are done with your interview.

These are;

1. Changing your salary expectations

Some people become more confident during the job interview which prompts them to change their salary expectations at the end of the interview. This makes them look greedy which might be a contributing factor to failing to get the job.

2. Not following up

This is one of the most common post-interview mistakes people make. It is important to follow up but not that so often either by a call, email or a message thanking the interviewers for their time and efforts. Apart from showing gratitude, this also shows that you still want that job.

3. Sending a disrespectful message after rejection

Even though one might feel angry and disappointed after failing to secure the job, sending an offensive message to the company will only make things worse. This is because you could end up being blacklisted from such company on any job opportunities that might come in future.