Beware! 3 common drugs that may be harmful to your unborn baby

Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life. During this period, the health of a woman must be given maximum attention.

It is always safe that an expectant mother consults her physician before taking any drugs.

Here are the most common drugs that could be detrimental to the unborn baby;

1. Alcohol

Do you take alcohol? If you’re pregnant, then it is time to say goodbye to alcohol. According to the Centre for Disease Control, alcohol could lead to abnormal facial features, low birth weight and behavioural problems for your baby. All types of alcohol should therefore be avoided throughout the pregnancy course, from wines, spirits and beers.

2. Ibuprofen

You likely know this drug. It is a common painkiller in our households referred to as ‘brufen’. According to The Spectrum, brufen when taken past 30 weeks gestation may cause premature closure of an important passageway of a baby’s heart. This channel normally remains open until after birth.

3. Aspirin

Be careful. Your favourite over the counter painkiller may contain aspirin as an ingredient. According to the Mayo Clinic, the use of aspirin is not recommended during pregnancy. In early pregnancy, this drug may lead to pregnancy loss at higher doses. Furthermore, aspirin may also lead to birth defects.


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