3 signs your marriage is loveless

Surviving a loveless marriage can be a very hard challenge. From spending less time together to constant fights; love can seem too wild and painful.

If you see these 3 signs in your marriage then signs are that your marriage has proved loveless;

1. Contempt

Contempt is simply a feeling of disregard for something or someone. It could also be described as lack of consideration or respect for someone’s feelings and/or opinions.

Contempt is a great relationship killer and of course a significant sign of a loveless marriage or relationship. When you disregard whatever your partner has to say and criticize each other, it is a clear show of a marriage where love no longer exists.

2. Your commutation is really off and no intimacy

You know you are in a loveless marriage when you no longer communicate with your spouse. Usually, lack of communication is marked by a couple distancing from each other such that there are no moments of intimacy.

Another mark of no communication is when you don’t engage is fights as a couple. Couple fights are believed to be good for bonding and solving issues(I mean the normal healthy fights).

3. Your partner no longer appeals to you

Love and attraction go hand in hand. If you have lost the attraction towards your partner then sure enough, you have fallen out of love with them. You feel no motivation to work on the marriage and you put less or no focus on mending things between you and your partner.


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