4 ‘childish’ things all men do

There are a number of things men do that leave women wondering what kind of creatures they are. As you wake up to your wife every morning, be sure she sees a number of things you do as childish but she remains mum about it.

Here are five childish things every man does:

1. They expect you to mother them

Once a man gets married, he begins to regard his wife as his second mother. He will expect his wife to take care of him in every bit. Things like polishing his shoes, help him put on his socks when it’s cold and so on. It happens and it’s natural.

2. Act differently when they are with their friends

The way a man acts when he is with his friends is different from the way he acts in front of his family. He could be too harsh in his friends’ company but too soft at home. The opposite is also true.

3. Act like it’s the end when they are sick

Men fear sickness and when it comes, they act like their time in this world is ending. It is a natural habit because mostly, men don’t get sick too often.

4. They expect a lot of praise when they do something exemplary

When a man does something exemplary, they expect world-class praise for it. They feel like they deserve the best for it. Just like kids.


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