5 texting mistakes you make that women hate

Today, people prefer texting than calling because it’s cheaper and a convenient way of communication just like calling. However, there are mistakes guys make while texting women.

Below are some of these mistakes.

1. Confessing your messages through text messages

Expressing your feelings through texts won’t convince her that much that your are really in for her. Women are not into feelings expressed through texts, in fact, a serious woman will only take you for granted.

It is advisable that you hold back your feelings and express them when you meet them or a phone call would be better.

2. You are being too available

She sends a message and you reply right away. Come on! Despite how much you value her, don’t be too quick to reply her always because she won’t do it in return. Take sometime before you text her back, don’t be too available.

3. You text too much

Don’t you have time for other things other than her? No matter how much she is driving you crazy, you don’t need to be a text freak. Give her time to think of other things and find things to do for yourself as well.

4. Waiting too long to text her back

This is another mistake. Don’t be the kind of man who never replies her on time. I don’t mean that you be too available but don’t always be too late to reply her texts. It turns her off and she could lose her interest in you.

5. Sending too long texts with typos and too much short forms

As a man, you should be keep things brief and if it has to be long, be on point. Don’t send her extremely long texts with several typing errors and short forms she can’t understand. Long texts could keep the conversation short remember.


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