5 ways sugar is bad for your body

Sugar is contained in certain foods and drinks. Most people do not know the dangers of consuming much sugar. Some of these health problems are weight gain, diabetes among others.

Sugar is not good for one’s health because it leads to the following;

1. Increases risk of depression

A diet rich in sugar components increases the risk of falling into depression. Inflammation and neurotransmitter dysregulation affects one’s mood swings that lead to stress and depression.

2. Tooth cavities

Sugar consumption leads to the development of cavities in teeth. This is because after eating sugar, the bacteria in the mouth sticks over the teeth which react with the sugars releasing an acid which in turn destroys the teeth causing the cavities.

3. Causes fatty liver

Increased intake of fructose leads to a fatty liver. This is quite dangerous for one’s health since the fat overloads the liver hindering the biochemical processes that take place in the liver.

4. Increases obesity, diabetes and heart diseases

Increased levels of sugar in the body quickly affects the blood sugar levels in the bloodstream hence increasing the risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes and also contracting heart diseases.

5. Accelerates ageing

Sugar intake in the body affects its composition as well as causing wrinkles and sagging. The sugar attaches to proteins in the bloodstream causing the skin to lose its elasticity and hence leading to premature ageing.


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