3 reasons why ladies love tall men

For a number of times you’ve heard that ladies love “tall, dark and handsome” men. Generally, ladies tend to love tall men as compared to short or middle height men. What could be the reasons for this?

Here are three reasons why ladies prefer tall men;

1. They perceive them to be dominant

Women interpret tallness as dominance. They believe tall men have facial masculine and physical strength.

This dominance means they can offer protection to them and their children from other men. The taller the guy, the manlier he is and this is usually the first impression women get when they encounter such men.

2. It makes them feel more feminine

According to, women feel more feminine when dating tall men. The point is a woman’s feeling of femininity increases with the masculinity of the man she is dating or married to. What pushes them to loving such men, even more, is that the more feminine she feels, the more confident she becomes.

3. They perceive them as confident

Although there’s no genetic linkage between confidence and tallness, a woman’s brain perceives so. They believe tall men are confident. Well, you understand that confidence attracts women more.

Despite the fact that tallness and confidence are not genetically related, tall men develop this confidence upon knowing that ladies perceive that that is what they are and so they have no choice.

Note that this post isn’t meant to stereotype short men.


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