3 ways to take care of your black clothes

Black clothes look good when new. However, when not maintained properly, the colour will slowly begin fading.

Here are three ways to take care of your black outfits.

1. Wash them for the shortest time

Black clothes are prone to losing colour. Therefore, the best way you can take care of them and make them last longer is by washing them for the shortest time possible. When you wash them for too long, the black fabric loses its colour, causing it to fade. Additionally, you should wash them less often because the more you wash them, the more the colour fades.

2. Wash them inside out

This is another way you can protect your black clothing from losing their colour. Protect the outside of the garment by turning them inside out before you begin your washing. This protects the outer part from agitation or tumbling during washing which makes the fibres to fade.

3. Wash in cold water

High temperatures make the black colour fade. Therefore washing your black clothes in cold water is extremely important. Never soak your black jeans, dresses, shirts or t-shirts in hot or warm water because the results will disappoint you. The colour fades quicker with high temperatures.


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