3 common misconceptions about love

You might think you know what love is until we begin experiencing problems in your relationships. You only know how complicated love is when times get rough.

Here are 3 common misconceptions about love you should know;

1. Love is a 50/50 partnership

We all perceive love to be 50/50 in that your partner should give out exactly what you give. This is a lie and this hardly happens in relationships and marriages. Everybody should contribute efforts to the relationship but it can never be a 50/50 affair.

Someone will always make more efforts than the other because people love with different intensities. Expecting a measured response for each gesture of affection is unrealistic because it can never happen. What you see as equal efforts isn’t really equal.

2. True love is scarce and rare

True love is everywhere. You just have to go outside there and look for it. Love is all round if you choose to look for it. People you could have great relationships with are everywhere what you really have to do is dig them out.

Allowing the notion that there is no true love out here congest your mind will only see you stick to unhealthy relationships and survive by luck. Drop the fear that if you let go of that person who mistreats you, you will never find someone else. They are all waiting for you out here.

3. Saying “I love you” means you love someone

Just saying “I love you” doesn’t mean you love someone. It takes a lot more to prove that indeed you are in love that particular person. Love is actions and not just feelings.

People feel loved not by just what you say, but also what you do. Do not be fooled by the “I love you” words you are told by someone who does less or no actions to prove it. Make a decision to love my taking action


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