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3 things you should never do in the name of love


Don’t let yourself misbehave in the name of love. People let themselves be taken away by love and begin doing unrealistic things just so love can have mercy on them.

The thing is, the stupid things you do because of love, the more you lose yourself. Here are three things you should never do in the name of love:

1. Being over submissive

Especially when you are not married to that particular person, know your limit. The best time to be over submissive is when you are officially married. When you are out of wedlock, you should watch your submissiveness and this applies to both men and women.

You might be submissive to please them but in the end, they leave you for someone else.

2. Crush your dreams

Forgive me for using this term but it is absolutely irrational to crush and give up on your dreams just because you love someone and you wouldn’t wish to lose them. Don’t date someone who asks you to choose your love life over your career; it’s not worth it. Come on! Dreams are bigger than love.

3. Spend all your money on them

Some people will go to the extent of spending all their hard-earned money on people just because they love them. This is very wrong. You can do this to your mum or dad but again you can’t spend all your cash on them.

What is the point of spending all your money on gifts, dates, vacations and all that just because you love someone and you want to keep them? That’s insane. This only applies when it is a matter of health and death but not luxury.

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