5 things she wants to tell you but don’t know how to

Women are complicated, you’ve known this from the beginning. For this reason, there are things she might wish to tell you but she doesn’t know how to.

Here are 3 things she might want to tell you but she doesn’t know how to even start;

1. Why she likes you or why she loves you

Usually, a woman who likes you genuinely will have no reason why. This is because some feelings just come. I would say she likes you because she just does. While asking your woman such a question, always be ready to get silence as an answer because, for them, feelings just come. In some cases, they might find answers for you.

2. Random romance

Asking you to be more romantic can be the hardest task for her and hence she will find it hard to tell you about it. If you think what you do is enough to satisfy her, chances are that she needs more of it but then she won’t ask you to adjust. Get intimate with her as much as you can and if it makes her happy then you know what to do; keep on because that’s all she wants.

3. She wants you to be consistent with the good things you do

Whatever good things you do for or with her, make them consistent. Do not take her out for a date today and plan to do the same next year. Do not compliment her today and stay quiet for weeks. She needs those feelings to be alive in her and the best way you can keep them alive is doing the good things she likes more often.


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