5 reasons you feel tired and weak all the time

Always feeling tired is a usual thing and affects many people of all ages. It could be some type of illness or you are not feeding your body with what it needs.

These five reasons could explain why you always feel tired and weak:

1. You don’t get enough high-quality sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the causes of fatigue. The body does a lot of activities when you are asleep including releasing hormones that regulate your metabolism and restore energy. When you get enough sleep, you wake up fresh.

2. You don’t eat high-calorie foods

When you don’t feed your body with foods high in calories, you tend to feel exhausted all the time. Calories are units of energy which the body uses to move and fuel processes like breathing and maintaining optimum body temperature.

3. Heart trouble

Extreme tiredness could be a symptom of congestive heart failure. This is when the heart does not pump blood as it should. This means your body won’t receive enough of oxygenated blood hence the tiredness.

4. Depression

Depression slows down the brain by robing it of hormones it needs to work well like serotonin which helps regulate internal body functions. Depression can also lower your energy levels making you feel weak.

5. Diabetes

Although doctors can’t explain why diabetic people complain of fatigue, this condition is known to make people feel so tired. However, you should note other signs of diabetes such as the extreme feeling of thirst and frequent urination before concluding.


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