3 things that destroy family relationships

Your family members should be there to support you and make your life better. However, there are ways we ruin our families either knowingly or unknowingly.

Here are ways you ruin your relationship with your family.

1. Insults and criticisms

What you say about your family matters. Words carry weight and any negative comments you make about your family destroys your relationship with them. Do not criticise your family nor should you insult them. It’s wrong. Family here does not only mean your extended family but also your immediate family; spouse and kids.

2. Lack of inclusion

We destroy our family relationships by not making our family members part of us. People need to feel included in your plans. If you will be holding an event, invite them over. Things like birthday and graduation parties are good for uniting families. Do not be stingy or act distant when you know they are the people you can run back to when things get tough.

3. Filing divorce when it’s not really worth it

You should only file for a divorce when you are absolutely sure it is the right thing to do. Don’t be too quick to file for a divorce, don’t let it be your only option for solving issues in your marriage. You’ll be destroying your family. Only go for divorce when it’s really, really worth it.


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