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3 tips to prevent skin cancer

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Skin cancer is one of the numerous types of cancers claiming many lives in recent days. It is caused by abnormal growth of skin cells which mostly occurs when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

However, in some cases, this form of cancer can occur to parts of the skin not exposed to sunlight but to certain arsenic chemicals or even allergic reactions.

To prevent yourself from skin cancer, use these tips;

1. Avoid using tanning beds

A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation that plays a great role in causing skin cell damage which results in skin cancer and premature skin ageing when one stays in for too long.

2. Avoid sunbathing sessions

Directly exposing your skin to the sun do have dangerous consequences. Ultraviolet rays are quite harmful to the DNA of the cells in the skin.

Damage to these cells results in increased chances of ageing and also skin cancer. It is important to look for a shade or sit under an umbrella when the sun rays are so strong.

3. Wear protective clothing Wearing protective clothing instead of cotton made clothes is more helpful in keeping skin cancer away as well as protecting you from painful sunburns. Including hats and sunglasses as part of your clothing helps in reducing the chances of developing skin cancer.

Source: Hivisasa

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