How to tell if someone has blocked your number

Technology has made communication much easier compared to the past when it was hectic to pass information especially among people in different locations.

Nowadays, you can easily reach the person you want to communicate with through a phone call or text message.

However, if you realise that your calls to a certain person are not going through, it could be possible that the person has blocked your number either intentionally or by accident.

Here’s how to tell if someone has blocked your number.

1. A single ring sends you to voicemail

A normal call will ring a few times before being sent to voicemail. However, when your call has a single ring before being diverted to voicemail, it could mean the person you are calling has blocked your number.

Be keen as unusual ring patterns might not necessarily mean someone has blocked your number. It could either be that the person is talking with someone else or their phone is off. When the one ring and straight to voicemail pattern persists, then your number is blocked.

2. Your texts are never answered

When you realise that you have been sending texts to someone and it does not indicate whether it has been delivered or not, it’s highly likely that the person has blocked your number. You will be sending messages but the receiver won’t be able to see them.

3. Being able to reach them on another number

If you think that someone could have blocked your number, try reaching them on a different number. If it goes through, it is a good chance that the person has blocked your number.


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