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3 secrets dentists won’t tell you

A dentist and a patient [Source/sheknows.com]

Dentists are important people in our societies because they have specialized knowledge in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting our teeth.

Dental health is very important since the pain associated with teeth pain is beyond imagination. Visiting the dentist’s office is something most of us do not wish to ever encounter.

Here are the secrets your dentist won’t tell you;

1. Lying about your medication history is hazardous

Hiding or cheating the dentist about your medical background will only hurt you more because some could negatively affect your dental health or complicate the healing process of your teeth.

It is also important to cite out any any side effects you could ave experienced since they can affect your oral health or lad to more serious problems.

2. Too much fluoride can damage your teeth

Some of us opt to drink fluoridated water and use toothpaste with fluoride to clean their teeth.

This is bad for your dental health as it leads to discoloration of the teeth, teeth stains and weak enamel when used in large amounts or regularly. Most dentists downplay it when patients asks.

3. You should never hide a bad breathe

Never should you hide a bad breathe either by chewing gum or using mouthwash unless you are visiting the dentist for a dental surgery.

Hiding the smell of your breathe hinders the dentist to examine any underlying issue which could be worthy his/her attention and it might pose a threat later.

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