3 newborn sleep mistakes you should avoid

Sleep is one of the most important things for a little baby. It is a joy of every parent to see their little ones being happy and comfortable.

When a baby sleeps soundly, everyone at home enjoys more restful days.

Did you know that might not be the case since you are taking part in things that are making bedtime harder for your little one?

Here are baby sleep mistakes you may be making;

1. Sleeping on the couch with your baby

It is very dangerous to sleep with a newborn baby on the couch especially if you are exhausted. This is due to the risk of dropping. If you wish to sleep with your little baby, consider bed-sharing which is safer than the sofa.

2. Comparing your baby’s sleep habits to other children

Comparing the sleeping habits of your child to others can cause unnecessary anxiety. Note that children are different and their habits will defer from others. Focus on your baby and what might be disturbing them from sleep.

3. Keeping the baby awake too long

Your little baby needs to sleep frequently. Some will sleep when they need sleep while others will not. Overtired babies tend to cry more and have poor sleep at night. Therefore managing the baby’s sleep during the day helps him/her to have a sound sleep at night.


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