3 things you’ll wish you knew before having a baby

There are certain things that most mothers wish they would have known before having a baby. Normally, people enter into motherhood with many expectations only to find out that things are different.

Here are some of the things that mothers wish they would have known before having a baby.

1. It is okay to not love every minute of having a new baby

Sometimes babies can end up irritating you especially when they cry and you do not have any idea of what is wrong with them. At this moment, it is okay not to love the idea of having a baby, as it is something that every mother goes through. However, this should not stress you, as there is more to enjoy about being a mother.

2. There is no wrong way to feed your baby

At first, one is likely to have this notion of feeding their child in a particular way based on the things they might have heard. However, with time, you will discover that what matters is that the baby feeds. Learn to trust your instincts, you’ll know what is best for your baby.

3. You’ll need more help and support than you anticipated

If you are the type of person who does things on their own, be sure that the moment you get a baby things will change. After having a baby, you will need other people’s help, especially close friends and family members.


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