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Men who drink yoghurt have a lower risk of developing colon cancer, study says

A bowl of yoghurt. [Source/en.m.wikipedia.org]

Yoghurt is among the most foods enriched with various important nutrients. When it comes to averting some diseases, yoghurt plays an instrumental role.

It has been linked to a number of various benefits.

Men who drink yoghurt more often have a 26 per cent lower risk of developing precancerous cells in the colon.

Dr Andrew Chan conducted research and established that yoghurt may help in fending off colon cancer in men.

The natural bacteria found in it have the capacity to bar tumours from growing. They may also prevent the mutilation of the colon lining.

“These data suggest that other characteristics of yoghurt, such as its potential role in altering the natural bacteria in our guts, may have cancer-preventive properties,” said researcher Dr Chan, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston as quoted by US News.

However, he noted that more research is required to understand how bacteria work when it comes to preventing this cancer.

Yoghurt doesn’t prevent colon cancer by 100 per cent but it has some anti-cancer properties.

“These findings require further corroboration in other populations and additional work in understanding the mechanisms by which yoghurt may affect gut health,” Dr Chan noted.

Men should, therefore, drink yoghurt on a daily basis as this is one way of preventing colon cancer in them.a

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