3 things we often forget to thank our exes for

As much as most breakups end up hurting people a lot, there is a lot that people should be thanking their exes for. People in most cases tend to forget to thank their exes for the things they did to improve their life. From today, don’t be that mean, always remember to thank your ex for the following things.

1. Making you better for the next relationship

People learn from their past mistakes. This also applies to breakups as they teach people not to fall for the same things that made them walk out of their previous relationships. For that matter, one should always thank their ex for making them better in their next relationship.

2. Help you discover what you want in a relationship

When one starts dating, they may not know what they want in a relationship. However, by dating and going through a breakup, one will be in a position where they can now tell what they truly want and this is something that we should thank our exes for.

3. Help you find a better person that suits you

Another thing that people should be thanking their exes for is the fact that they gave them an opportunity of meeting a better person that suits them.


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