3 myths about eggs you should stop believing

Eggs make part of most meals especially breakfast in many households due to their high nutritional value. Even though there is a lot of information linked to them, some are not true.

Here are three myths about eggs you should stop believing.

1. Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs

The colour of the eggshell should never be a reference point to the nutritional component of an egg. This myth is connected to the fact that most brown eggs are bigger compared to the white eggs. This does not make any difference in their nutritional composition.

2. People with high cholesterol shouldn’t eat eggs

People suffering from heart diseases are usually warned of consuming eggs. However, according to Marjorie Nolan Cohn, RDN a registered dietitian, consumption of eggs does not affect the level of cholesterol in the blood. What affects the blood serum cholesterol is simple sugars, trans fats and also saturated fats.

3. Raw eggs are high in protein compared to cooked eggs

Raw eggs are not a better source of protein compared to cooked eggs. Your body tends to absorb twice the amount of protein found in cooked eggs compared to raw eggs. In addition, consuming raw eggs can be risky to your health as you might get salmonella infection.


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