3 reasons why you should reject Facebook friend-requests from strangers

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in Kenya, and across the world at large.

It is possible through Facebook, to connect with friends across the world. You can message each other, video call as well updating your timeline for friends to see how you are doing.

Besides the good things Facebook can offer to users, it can also become risk and dangerous if not well used. One of the things that can make your Facebook a risky place is adding to your friend lists strangers.

Accepting or adding/sending friend requests to strangers has never been a good idea. In most cases, Facebook will warn its users only to accept and add people they know on personal levels, and if need be, they are forced to delete some accounts if users send requests to strangers.

Here are reasons why you should reject Facebook friend-requests from strangers:

1. Identity theft

While privacy settings can hide your private date from the public, adding strangers means allowing them to access any information meant for your friends, note that it is meant for friends on your list, but he/s is a stranger. Strangers might collect important data and use it to scam others.

2. It can pose crime risk

When police are investigating suspected criminals, even their friends are asked to say what they know about the suspect, don’t you think you can be fished out for no good reasons? Before the truth is revealed, you might have gone through a thorough probing.

3. You will be undermining the privacy of yourself and of your friends

Some strangers are on a mission to mine data for their own criminal use. A hacker can spy on you and for years, same to your friend list, and later use your private information for criminal activities, they can even take over your account and log you out.


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